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UltraShield Fencing

NewTechWood takes the hassle out of fencing using an innovative tongue and groove system that delivers the strength, durability and the undeniable good looks of stylish fencing that fits anywhere.

The Latest Addition To The UltraShield Range

Composite fencing is revolutionising the way we think about fences. Simpler assembly, sturdier metal framework, less long-term maintenance, and no need for repeat wood treatment mean that composite is fast becoming the alternative to traditional wood fences that customers both at home and in businesses are reaping the many benefits from.

Take a look at what makes UltraShield Fencing your next great investment.

Why Choose UltraShield Fencing

Easy To Assemble

From beginners to experts, NewTechWood UltraShield Fencing makes your fencing easier than ever to build. With a simple lock-in system of boards that slide easily into our aluminium framework, fences are built both efficiently and securely. Perfect for both novice and experienced DIY hobbyists and professionals.

No-Fuss Care

Long-gone is the necessity to treat your fence boards every year. With UltraShield, a wipe-clean is all you need to keep your boards looking as good as the day you bought them. With our unique UltraShield formula fully capped around every board, there is no worrying about the traditional fading, staining, or mildew issues that often face timber fencing. UltraShield is simply the best solution for minimal maintenance and maximum visual impact.

Natural Look and Feel

Everything that makes our NewTechWood UltraShield range the ideal choice has been implemented into our fencing. With a look that’s so natural you’ll barely notice the difference from real wood and fully-capped protection from the elements, UltraShield fencing is the ideal choice for low-maintenance projects.

UltraShield Protection

As with the rest of the UltraShield range, our fencing boards are covered by our market-leading 25-year limited warranty. Not only that, but our aluminium components have a 10 year colour warranty, meaning you have the peace of mind knowing your fencing material will continue to look fantastic for years to come.

The Easy Way To Build The Perfect Fence

It’s as easy to build a NewTechWood UltraShield fence as can be. Our instructions are simple, clear, and to the point. Using our innovative system, you need only erect the fence posts and slide in the composite board pieces.

What makes this system even better is that it means you can be much more versatile with your fence design. Rather than painting and staining, simply switch out your boards with those of different colours for or add beautiful trellis for fresh designs for the seasons.

How you build your fence to look is up to you!

Style and Versatility Guaranteed

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